Living Clean & Loving Life

Erin M. Hicks

Erin M. Hicks is an entrepreneur with a passion for great food and creative cooking. She ‘‘cut her teeth” in the culinary world as a young twenty-something restaurateur in Corpus Christi, Texas. She’s been eating her way across Houston for the last fifteen+ years.

Erin is the author of the Houston Classic Cookbook serieswhich includes Houston Classic Desserts, Houston Classic Mexican Recipes, Houston Classic Seafood (Pelican Publishing), as well as Houston Small Plates & Sips and Houston Soups & Sips.

She also works as a hospitality and residential designer/decorator and realtor. Her vision has inspired the design of many well known restaurants around Houston. These include Helen Greek Food & Wine, El Big Bad, Arthur Ave, Brooklyn Athletic Club, FM Kitchen & Bar, Tea & Victory, and Poitin. She currently resides in the flourishing, culture-filled city of Houston, Texas.

Jodie Eisenhardt

I am a friend, partner, daughter, dog-mom, music lover, dancer, writer, marketing consultant, retreat and speaker coordinator, PranaShakti Teacher, Desire Map Facilitator and animal-welfare advocate living in Driftwood, Texas (near Austin).

My younger self somehow managed to survive my tan, bad 80’s hair, aerobics, low-fat/high-sugar diets, high-stress jobs requiring suits and pantyhose, divorce(s) and an infertility struggle that brought me to my knees – and thus became my biggest teacher, allowing me to dig deep and become who I was meant to be.

At this fabulous juncture in my “middle aged” life, I go where the love is, along with whatever turns me on/makes me tick/blows my skirt up. I am awake, engaged, present and alive to what feels good and right for me and I love learning and being exposed to new info and ways of existing and creating that empower me to thrive vs. survive. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others.

I take much better care of myself now than I did in my 20’s and 30’s. I am passionate about cooking and eating healthfully, deliciously and mindfully. I’ve learned to pay attention to what my body, mind and spirit needs (get quiet and ask – you will be guided). Dark chocolate is my biggest vice – organic and dark, of course.

My favorite things to do are to hang on the back porch at my house in Driftwood, attend or facilitate a retreat, to be in awe-inspiring nature or to see one of my favorite bands on tour, seeking out the best farm-to-table cuisine I can find along the way, and generally spending quality time with people I care about.

I’m involved with charities that enable me to be the change I want to see in the world. I’ve learned most everything I need to know about gratitude, unconditional love, and being present/living in the moment from dogs, and I yearn to serve other causes.

I also love to dance (all women need to, you know) and have studied with Dr. Deb Kern for a number of years to become a facilitator of “Prana Shakti” Movement classes, enabling the release of stuck energies like resentment, fear, sadness and doubt while expanding joy and love. This work goes hand in hand with my Desire Map Facilitator process, which assists others to  determine and operate from their “core desired feelings”. My deepest desire is to support women to align with their highest selves and I’m grateful for the opportunity to host small retreat groups at my “Bliss Loft” here in Driftwood, TX.

My best advice when you’re in a funk? Shake your groove thing and sing out loud. In the shower, in the back yard, while you’re doing the dishes – just do it, even for just one song. Your whole being will instantly thank you for it. Contact me via